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In-Store Pick Up

In-Store Pick Up

Local? Simply choose our "Pick Up" option at checkout! When your order is ready, you will automatically receive pick up instructions. Your order will typically be ready within 24 hours.

"What is in-store pick up, and why should I opt in?"

Online shop without having to pay those pesky shipping & handling fees! Enjoy the same joy of shopping online at 2 a.m. in your coziest PJs with a pint of ice cream in hand without having to shell out the extra cash. This way, you can grab our newest styles before they have a chance to sell out. On your next coffee run or brunch date, swing by our brick & mortar at 219 Market Street and we'll have your order ready for pick up, free of charge.


Seriously, it's THAT easy.

"That sounds amazing! How exactly does it work?"


Shop online like you normally would! (We know the sweater section is calling your name)


When you get to the shipping page during checkout, select free in-store pick up.


Your order will be ready for pick up that same day - just have your order confirmation ready when you stop by our brick & mortar to pick up your purchase!

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